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Glen Elgin 2009 Bourbon Cask

Glen Elgin 2009 Bourbon Cask


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Glen Elginis located in the Lossie area of the Speyside region. Its closest neighbours are Benriach, Longmorn and Coleburn (the latter of which it originally shared a water source with). This is a good distillery for wildlife fans, as summer house-martins swoop among the worm tub condensers which are home to fresh water shrimp!

Glen Elgin was one of the last distilleries in Scotland to be electrified. The distillery powered by paraffin right up until 1950! All machinery was driven by a paraffin engine and a water turbine and it was a full-time job to keep the paraffin lights burning. Over the ten years that followed, the distillery flourished and the number of stills was increased from two to six in 1964.

Glen Elgin uses non-plated malt, which is mashed in 8 tonne batches, producing a clear, fruity wort that is then fermented for 90 hours. This is the key to the distillery’s trademark fruity character. 

There have been scarce few official releases of Glen Elgin over the years: a handful of White Horse bottlings (the brand which the distillery was licensed to through most of the 20th century) followed by the Flora & Fauna 12 year old (launched in 2001 and quickly discontinued), the 12 year old Classic Malt (launched in 2005 and still going today) and more recently a 18 year old special release that commands £300 a bottle.

Needless to say, we’re very excited to have our own cask of Glen Elgin!

Glen Elgin was Founded by William Simpson and James Carle in 1898, right before the whisky boom bubble burst. Production at Glen Elgin officially started on May 1, 1900. The architect Charles Doig (designer of many a distillery and invented of the ‘Doig ventilator’ or pagoda roof seen atop most malt distilleries) predicted that no other distillery would be built in Speyside for at least 50 years. 

He was right (the next distillery to be built was Tormore, in 1958).

Besides being a component of the White Horse blend (as well as appearing in Johnnie Walker blends), Glen Elgin single malt is a popular export brand and has enjoyed a long standing following in Italy and Japan.