The same dimensions as a 90's mixtape. It'll fit through your letterbox and in your pocket.

Strong, yet flexible.
Like any great ally.

Foolproof screw on / off cap for quick access (in emergencies)

Pours the perfect
(large!) dram


We care about the planet and believe in taking an active role with regards to the sustainability of our service and the recyclability of our packaging.

Gram for gram PET products generate more CO2 and use more water during manufacture compared to glass. But at only 130 microns thick (around 20 times thinner than a glass bottle) our WHISKY-ME pouch uses five-times less abiobitic material (minerals and fossil fuel) during manufacture compared to a 5cl glass bottle and produces around half the level of greenhouse gasses. They also weigh less, pack smaller, and will never be returned to depot because you weren't at home, making them one of the cleanest ways to transport small volumes of liquid there is.

The pouch cap and the nozzle are recyclable as household plastic. The pouch itself is also recyclable but only through specialist services. It is our understanding that most UK councils will begin collecting PET laminates by the end of 2018. And we'll continue to keep a close eye on this.


We think that a better solution for everyone is the reuse of packaging. That's why we're trialing a 'take-back' scheme encouraging our members to return their empty pouches to us so that they can be cleaned and refilled. We like this idea so much that we're going to give adopters of the scheme some free whisky to say thanks.

Empty pouches must be sent in batches of ten (or multiples thereof) to:

WHISKY-ME, 9 Christopher Street, London, EC2A 2BS.

Please include the address you would like your free pouch of whisky sent to (one pouch of whisky for every ten empty pouches returned).