And this is our story.
We love whisky. And we know we’re not the only ones.
Our whisky journey actually started in bricks and mortar, at our dedicated whisky bar Black Rock, in London. We opened this bar in 2016 with a mission to remove some of the stigma around whisky, and rather than have an exhaustive menu of whisky arranged by country, region, distillery and expression, we have no whisky menu at all, actually no bar either.
At Black Rock we have more than 250 bottles of whisky from around the world, lined up in glass cabinets around the room, they are arranged by six different flavour groups and our guests can go explore whisky for themselves, be it smoky, fragrant or spicy. We also have a tree trunk table, ageing whisky as we speak, but that’s another story…
We all know whisky is amazing, but there’s also a lot of snobbery around it. There are after all, so many brands, bottles and expressions to choose from, and the diversity can make it an intimidating, not to mention expensive, hobby for those wanting to explore and learn more. So, whilst the bar was helping to demystify whisky in London, we knew we could do more, and our mission to democratise whisky grew national, with the launch of WHISKY-ME in 2017.
We truly believe that whisky is for everyone*, and we wanted to offer a whisky subscription club that really simplified matters. From providing curated, useful content and simplified tasting notes of what you’re drinking, through to our post box friendly pouches (no picking up from the post office here). From our very first day we wanted to make sure, whether you were a whisky lover or learner, you could explore the amazing world of whisky, with minimal fuss and, importantly, minimal cost, one (large) glass at a time.
​So there you have it.
Whisky made easy. Absolutely no snobbery allowed.
*For clarity, by everyone, we mean everyone over the aged of 18 OK.